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We are always on the lookout for hygiene essentials and toiletries.

Hygiene Essentials

   - Toothbrushes (all ages)

   - Toothpaste

   - Shampoo and Conditioner

     (or 2in1)

   - Shower Gel/Body Wash

Baby Essentials

   - Baby Soap (eg., Head2Toe


   - Baby Shampoo

   - Baby Lotion/Baby Oil

   - Baby Wipes

Other Essentials:

   - Breast Pads

   - Knickers (New)

   - Household Cleaning


   - New Travel Cots and Moses


   - Deodorant (Male/Female)

   - Sanitary Pads

   - Face Cloths/Flannels

     Hand Soap

   - Hand Sanitizer

   - Nappies (All Sizes)

   - Nappy Rash Cream

   - Nappy Bags

   - Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline

   - Cotton Wool Balls/Pads

   - New mattresses for 

     cots/Moses Baskets

   - (Unfortunately we cannot 

     accept second hand)


We do not collect or provide clothing or textiles.

Are you working with a family in Oldham or Darnhill and Heywood that need our support?

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